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Interactive Video is the next step in online video marketing development and thanks to IVI's technology, adding interactive functionality to your online video is now simpler than ever.

Engage your viewers for longer by enhancing their online experience with IVI immersive sales, marketing and educational advertising technology.

I V I provides fully customised solutions that enable the Brand to remain at the forefront of innovative marketing & advertising.



" In the next 10 years I'll be sitting in front of the Multi Media Screen at my house watching golf, my favourite sport,

and I'll be seeing Tiger Woods. He'll make a putt, I'll point at the TV screen with my remote,

track the ball, click the remote and buy it "?

Steve Ballmer - Former CEO Microsoft

" Why Wait 10 Years?...... Do It Now with I V I "


I V I Interactive Video Product Range | our solutions do what we say.......or you get your money back **



Video Hot Spotting


Video Embedded e-Learning

In Video data Capture



Let your video marketing take flight to the next level, commission an interactive video from IVI today....

Every solution as bespoke as your brand


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